The Official Get Rich Slow Scheme Calculator

Version 0.01: The Pre-pre-pre Alpha version
Basically in this version, we don't have a lot of features... just input current price, call price, number of quarters till maturity, interest rate (please use decimal), and all the other info... should be pretty self-explanatory. Later I'd like to add some features, but this'll have to do.

Click on the text of anything you don't understand and hopefully (cross fingers) it'll give you a window with a better explanation

Enter Bond's Current Price:
Enter Bond's Face Value:
Enter Bond's Face Interest Rate: %
Quarters Till Maturity:

Initial Investment:
Quarterly Investment:
Broker's Commission:

Your Final Wealth Will Be*:

* - This makes some assumptions: it assumes the current price remains static, which it won't... if it is on average higher, you will make less in the end, but you can always cash out early and go with a different investment (and make a nice capital gain). If it goes lower, you'll make more... assuming the company still exists at maturity date.
This is not intended to convince you to buy any particular investment... do your own due dilligence.