The Comprehensive Kochtopus

Movie 1: I Can't Drive 55: The Stephan Kinsella Story - 2:24 January, 2007
Based on the September 2003 LRC Blog entry by Kinsella

Movie 2: The Adventures of Karen DeCoster - 3:01 February, 2007
Based on an email list argument involving Karen talk about what a punk Ben Affleck is.

Movie 3: Hostage Situation - 2:43 February, 2007
The first appearance of Tom Palmer. This movie was later leaked to Roderick Long's blog and became the first publicly available video.

Movie 4: Pop Pop, Fiz Fiz - 5:41 July, 2007
A not-altogether-successful commentary on one-size-fits-all security solutions for anarchism.

Movie 5: A Libertarian Christmas Carol - 8:50 December, 2007
Stephen Kinsella learns the true meaning of Christmas. Included as a bonus feature on the 2008 DVD. Also the first appearance of Anthony Gregory. Also includes a preview of the never-made "Open Issue" movie.

Movie 6: The Uncanny Adventures of Pacifist Batman - 3:46 January, 2008
The real reason pacifists survive in Ancapistan?

Movie 8: Universalizability - 6:00 January, 2008

Movie 13 (unfinished): No Good Reason - 3:49 April, 2008
The ultimately unfinished test some new models I got. Kinsella and Tom DiLorenzo track down Matt Welch. Was designed to end with Welch drawing a pencil mustache on a photo of Ron Paul after they left (which would've been my first non-computer generated animation), but I never could get the animation to look right.


Koch Cycle Movies and Bonus Content

Movie 7 - Koch Hit - 9:27 January, 2008
Later Episode Four of the Koch Cycle. The most ambitious project up to that point
Koch Hit Director's Commentary February 14, 2008

Movie 9 - Koch Hit 2 - The Wrath of Koch - 15:12 February, 2008
Later Episode Five of the Koch Cycle. Kinsella provides voice work
Wrath of Koch Director's Commentary February 18, 2008

Deleted Scenes From Koch Hit 1 and 2 - 2:41 March, 2008
Deleted Scenes included on the DVD

Koch Cycle Trailer - 2:32 March, 2008
Featuring clips from Koch Cycle Episodes 1 and 2, the clip was originally designed for

Movie 10: Koch Cycle Episode One: Rothbard Rising - 7:46, March 2008

Movie 11: Koch Cycle Episode Two: Rockwell Unleashed - 11:08, March 2008

Movie 12: Koch Cycle Gaiden: Do Your Best Dick Clark! - 8:53, March 2008
Introduces Dick Clark and Timothy Lee as rivals



Only 62 copies were ever made, 60 of which were distributed at the Austrian Scholars' Conference 2008.

The DVD. called "Koch Hit 1 & 2 Troublemakers Edition" featured animated menus, the two movies in 480p widescreen, the two directors commentaries, the Christmas movie as a bonus, and deleted scenes.

Kinsella was also extremely annoyed at the use of a photograph of him on the label.

Unfinished projects: Koch Cycle Episode 3 was about 60% completed, and Episode 6 was about 20% completed, though neither was ever uploaded anywhere.

Koch Cycle Episode 3, subtitled 1983, featured Rothbard's escapades at the 1983 Libertarian Party convention. Filmed scenes featured a cameo of the late Burt Blumert helping Rothbard plan the defeat of Earl Ravenal, and the introduction of David Bergland to the Radical Caucus. Unfilmed scenes included a ritualized knife fight between Rothbard and Ed Crane. Also partially completed was a scene where Crane transforms into a werewolf.

Koch Cycle Episode 6: Opening scene featured Bob Murphy and Gene Callahan arguing with Hans Hoppe about Argumentation Ethics before Tom Palmer throws a molotov cocktail through their window, and Stephen Kinsella succumbing to an IED planted by Palmer. Intended to be a two-part wrap up, the first movie would end with a cliffhanger and the apparent destruction of the Mises Institute.

Koch Cycle Gaiden 2: Wichita: A spaghetti western starring Kinsella and Karen DeCoster. The two go to Wichita to stop the forgery of some controversial newsletters, and end up in more trouble than they bargained for. Only a script, never filmed.

Rock Cycle: Intended as an April Fool's release, the never finished movie was to involve the Catoites making a movie retelling the first Koch Hit movie from their perspective. Only one scene was (partially) shot, involving them dressing Lew in a Confederate uniform and arguing if he should be a sergeant or a general.